Jacobs Engineering OCP Recrutement 2022, Jacobs Engineering OCP recrutement JESA Maroc recrute Plusieurs Profils sur Rabat, Safi, Casablanca – Settat, Casablanca Site, Benguerir, Jorf Lasfar, Laayoune et Khouribga

Jacobs Engineering Recrutement.

Jacobs Engineering OCP Recrutement.

JESA OCP Recrutement 2022.

JESA Maroc Recrutement 2022.

JESA is the African leader in design, engineering, project delivery and asset management services, delivering superior value to customers with end-to-end, innovative and sustainable solutions for industrial and urban advancement.

Created in 2010, JESA is backed by two global powerhouses, OCP and Worley. As one of the largest engineering firms in Africa and Morocco, covering mining, industry, urban development and infrastructure, JESA develops customized solutions through win-win partnerships, local capabilities & ecosystems and by sharing know-how.

JESA’s founding principles and engagements are deeply rooted in the safety and wellbeing of all collaborators, customers, partners and the local communities wherever we have a presence.

JESA counts nearly 1700 Employees with offices in Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Benin, Senegal and the United States, with a strong global reach. JESA is a key resource and catalyst for the delivery of world class professional services in Morocco and Africa.

Jacobs Engineering OCP Recrutement 2022

Jacobs Engineering OCP Recrutement JESA Maroc recrute Plusieurs Profils JESA Maroc Recrutement:

HR Systems Administrator Casablanca

Environmental Engineer Environment Casablanca

Associate Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineering Casablanca

Estimating SME Estimating Casablanca

Senior Environmental Engineer Environment Rabat

Site Manager Construction Khouribga

Project Engineer Management of Projects Casablanca

System IT Administrator Information Technology Casablanca

Principal Digital Projects Delivery Engineer Digital Transformation Casablanca

Principal Data & Automation Engineer Digital Transformation Casablanca

Senior Data System Engineer Digital Transformation Casablanca

Principal Process Designer Process Engineering Rabat

Claim Manager Supply Chain Management Casablanca

Project Buyer Project Procurement Casablanca

Project Accountant Finance Casablanca

Facilities Coordinator Facilities Management Laayoune

Cost Controller Executive M&I Casablanca

Cost Controller Executive M&I Casablanca

Senior Estimator Estimating Casablanca

Data System Engineer Digital Transformation Casablanca

Project Manager Management of Projects Casablanca

Associate Project Engineer Management of Projects Casablanca

Industrial Construction Manager Construction Benguerir

Cost Controller Cost Control Benguerir

Project Engineer Management of Projects Casablanca

Senior Supply Chain Manager Supply Chain Management Casablanca

Senior Project Expeditor Material Management Casablanca

Project Procurement Manager Project Procurement Casablanca

Senior Contract Manager Contract Administration Casablanca

Senior Project Engineer Sustainable Capital Solutions Casablanca

R3 Coordinator R3 Casablanca

Project Engineer (Water) Water Casablanca

Senior Project Engineer (Water) Water Casablanca

HSE Manager HSE Safi

Piping Engineer Piping Engineering Casablanca

Senior Electrical Engineer Electrical Engineering Casablanca

Senior Material Inspector Material Management Casablanca

Senior Contract Administrator (Sourcing) Contract Administration Gantour

Quality Assurance Manager Quality Assurance Casablanca

Principal Quality Assurance Engineer Quality Assurance Casablanca

Scheduler Executive M&I Khouribga

Senior Principal Cost Controller Project Control Casablanca

Associate Project Buyer Project Procurement Casablanca

Electrical Supervisor Construction Laayoune

Chief Engineering Manager Engineering Management Casablanca

Piping Designer Piping Engineering Casablanca

Senior Accounting Manager Finance Casablanca

Senior Project Expeditor Material Management Casablanca

Construction Manager Construction Jorf Lasfar

HSE Manager HSE Jorf Lasfar

Civil Work Maintenance Engineer  Jorf Lasfar

Project Expeditor Material Management Jorf Lasfar

Maintenance Supervisor (Sourcing)  Jorf Lasfar

Operations, Maintenance & Turnarounds Director  Jorf Lasfar

Maintenance Manager (Sourcing) Jorf Lasfar

Senior Maintenance Supervisor (Sourcing)  Jorf Lasfar

Senior Project Control Manager Project Control El Jadida

Senior Project Buyer Project Procurement Casablanca Site

Senior Maintenance Site Manager Jorf Lasfar

Associate Finance Business Partner Finance Casablanca Site

Senior Document Controller PIM El Jadida

Senior Maintenance Engineer (Sourcing)  Jorf Lasfar

Associate Maintenance Engineer ( Sourcing) Jorf Lasfar

Maintenance Engineer (Sourcing)  Jorf Lasfar

Maintenance Site Manager  Jorf Lasfar

Maintenance Site Manager  Jorf Lasfar

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